How It Works

Streamline Your Workflow in Four Simple Steps

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Download CueCollab and instantly transform your device into a powerful show server. Works on macOS and Windows.

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Link incoming timecode via MIDI interface or Art-Net input, and optionally connect your video recording software (like OBS).

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Start taking notes, create a callsheet, or add real-time show data to your video recording for for post-show reviews.

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Share a link with your teammates to collaborate. No internet or app installation needed.

Why CueCollab

Elevate Your Workflow

CueCollab streamlines your production with key features designed for the entertainment industry:

  • Unified Teamwork: Sync notes and callsheets in real-time, keeping all departments aligned for a seamless show.
  • Flawless Execution: Time-stamped, synchronized cues ensure accuracy, making missed cues a thing of the past.
  • Smart Recording: Automated recording with timecode and scene info enriches post-show review and editing.
  • Data Management: Excel import/export for data handling enables easy backup, restoration, and mass editing.
  • Offline & App-Free: Seamless collaboration without internet or installs.

Be Among the First to Revolutionize Your Workflow

While CueCollab is fully operational, we’re eager for your feedback to make it even better.
Help shape the future of show production by sharing your insights during our private beta.

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